The 3D Hubs network processes thousands of prints a month, however each of these print Jobs need to be manually sliced, saved to a SD card and put on the right printer to start the job. Monitoring of prints that are running is also still a pain. This should be easier, right? 

The guys over at PrintToPeer have been working on a web interface to slice, queue, control and print your files from the cloud. They’ve just launched their Indiegogo campaign

Ever since we met with Tom & James in San Francisco last September we’ve been excited about what they are building. We’re always finding ways to make the life of Hubs easier, PrintToPeer fits right in this vision. So today we’re happy to announce a partnership to integrate our API’s to smoothen the print process for our Hubs.

Want early access to the these amazing tools? Than back the Indiegogo campaign.

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